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Hotel booking system for hospitality industry

Hotel booking engine with the possibility of online payments is easy to integrate into your hotel website with any CMS. Our hotel booking system has responsive design for online reservations of hotel rooms via mobile devices.
  • No commission for hotel reservation from your website

  • First 30 days are free to use
Integrate hotel booking engine into your website and sell hotel rooms 24/7
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Flat rate

up to 15 rooms
Hotel room capacity
1 000 uah/month

Possibility to synchronize with + 125 OTA

up to 25 rooms
Hotel room capacity
1 300 uah/month

Possibility to synchronize with + 125 OTA

over 25 rooms
Hotel room capacity
1 500 uah/month

Possibility to synchronize with + 125 OTA

Flat rate is very convenient for hotels as it doesn’t depend on the number of room reservations. Whether your guest comes to your website via online advertising or he/she is your regular customer that always makes reservations on your hotel website, you will not pay a commission for each reservation.

Booking engine by AMK

Online hotel booking engine that we have developed features up-to-date information on prices for available rooms, room rates, special offers and promotions and allows clients to select and pay for the desired rooms and services and instantly receive a booking confirmation.
  • Installing various widgets
    You can install our hotel booking engine widget on your website with any CMS, it will perfectly fit into the design of your hotel’s website. Depending on the design of your webpage, the widget can be installed horizontally, vertically or as a button. If you are worried that you might have difficulties installing a widget to your website on your own, our specialists will add the widget to your website absolutely free of charge.
  • Payment options for guests
    1. Payment upon check-in (the guest pays for the reservation upon arrival at the hotel).
    2. Payment through the bank (the guest pays the invoice in a convenient way: online, via funds transfer at an ATM or at a bank branch itself).
    3. Payment online upon reservation (the guest pays for the room reservation online on the hotel’s website using a bank card).
    4. Reservation guaranteed by a bank card (using the card details provided by the guest, the hotel blocks or debits the required amount of money from the guest’s card).
  • Channel Manager
    Sales management for popular OTAs.
    The hotel booking engine in synchronized with the WuBook Channel Manager.
    - and 125 more sales channels of international OTAs, tour operators, GDS
    - Managing prices and availability of rooms in all sales channels simultaneously
    - Integration with well-known PMS systems
    In order to connect a channel manager, please, contact our team.
  • Easy hotel room availability management
    The booking system allows to keep track of prices and room availability quite easily: you have a chance to open and close any room for sale on certain dates. You can also state a different number of rooms available for every room rate for the same room and put different prices for different days.
  • Setting up room rates
    The hotel booking engine supports seasonal prices, weekend prices, as well as popular rates such as “non-refundable rate” and marketing rates “3 for the price of 2”. There is a possibility to change the number of rooms for sale and their availability for each specific tariff (open/close for certain dates).
    The booking engine also allows you to create room tariffs with different prices per night, per person, per accommodation.
  • Special offers: hot offers, discounts, promo codes
    Offer your guests rooms at a special rate when they make a reservation on the hotel’s website itself. Create various discounts for accommodation, such as early reservations, long stays, or discounts with promo codes for specific groups of people. You can create discounts with any conditions that exist in your hotel.
  • Selling extra services
    The guest can also order additional services on the stage of making a reservation, before checking into the hotel. You can sell transfer to the hotel, parking, breakfasts, flowers/champagne to the room, etc. Moreover, one can book any event that will take place at the hotel.
  • Multiple languages and currency
    Multiple languages and currency
    Your guests will be able to book a room in a convenient language. Prices are also displayed in the currency suitable for your guests (USD, EUR, RUB, UAH, GEL, KZT, BYN), the booking engine will convert the currencies automatically.
  • Reminders for guests
    Automatic notifications and reminders:
    • Instant hotel reservation confirmation, information on making changes or cancellation of the reservation
    • Reminder letter about the approaching date of arrival to the hotel
    • A letter offering to leave a review upon the guest’s check-out form the hotel
  • Booking modification/cancellation
    The guest can make changes in his/her reservation and, if it is necessary, cancel the reservation. After making any changes to the reservation or cancelling it, the hotel and the guest will automatically receive letters of reservation confirmation/cancellation.
  • Analytics
    Setting up e-commerce, connecting Google Analytics in order to monitor bookings, popularity on payment methods, site conversion and sources of referral to the site.
  • Booking engine for social networks
    Increase your hotel sales by using social media. You can connect the booking engine to your hotel’s page on Facebook and get even more direct sales. Using social media as an extra sales channel is always a great option.
  • Complete info about the rooms
    In our hotel booking engine, the guest will see full information about each room such as large photos, detailed room description, room amenities, total area of the room, number of people in the room and possibility to add an extra bed, as well as room rates at the time of booking.
  • Support service
    You can always contact us the most convenient way in case of any questions related to the operation and connection of the hotel booking engine. Our managers will promptly reply to all questions, help you integrate and configure the booking system and connect it to the Channel Manager.
After the registration in our system, we will send you a link and access (login, password) to enter in the extranet. You can manage your hotel’s sales in the extranet by yourself.

Hotel booking engine: frequently asked questions

What CMS systems does the hotel booking engine work with?

AMK booking engine widget can be added to the site with any CMS system (ModX, WordPress, Joomla, Tilda, Bitrix, etc.) The code complies with web standards, so there will be no problems with its installation. You can integrate the system into the site yourself or ask our company’s specialists to help you out.

Will the hotel booking engine match the style of my website?

You can choose color patters for the booking system widget that will be suitable for your website’s design and style

What is the price for the hotel booking engine?

The price depends on the number of the rooms of your hotel. You can see the prices for using our booking system here.

How can I integrate the hotel booking engine into the hotel’s website?

In order to integrate the booking system, please, follow the link:, here it is necessary to fill out all the information about your hotel. After completing the registration process, our manager will get in touch with you and provide the username and the password to enter the system and conduct training on how to work with the reservation system.

Do you have a free trial period for the booking engine?

Yes, we do. We offer 1 month free of charge.

Can I see how the hotel booking system looks?

If you follow this link You will be able to see how the booking engine works: room reservation, choosing extra services, and functionality of the engine.

I don’t have a website, can I still use your hotel booking engine?

Yes, you can if you have a page on Facebook, then you can add a button for booking in your group.

How can I sell rooms not only thru a hotel’s website, but also thru other sales channels, such as

Our company’s specialists will help you make all the necessary settings for the booking engine and will assist in connecting it to the Channel Manager WuBook.

Can I close rooms for certain dates?

Yes, of course. Our booking engine allows you to close sales of certain rooms for specific dates.

Does the booking system allow to set minimum and maximum number of nights for a guest’s stay?

Yes, it does. You can state that your hotel has a limited number of nights available for a certain period.

Is it possible to make changes in the reservation?

Yes, the guest can go this in his/her personal account or the hotel manager can make all the necessary changes to the guest’s reservation through the booking system.

How will the guest know that the hotel received his/her reservation?

The guest will get a hotel reservation confirmation and the hotel will receive a letter with the reservation information.

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